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Belarus: Amid vicious crackdown on peaceful protesters, authorities arrest workers planning strike

In response to the latest police violence in Belarus and the arrest of hundreds of people in peaceful protests on 25 October and at the start of today’s national strike, Denis Krivosheev, Amnesty International’s Acting Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia said: “In response to the Lukashenka government’s crackdown on peaceful protests, opposition leaders called for a national strike beginning today...



Since mid-September, Turkish police carried out largescale dawn raids across Turkey in which dozens of politicians, political activists, lawyers, and other civil society actors were detained under “terrorism”-related charges. The raids are the latest wave in what has become a routine practice by law enforcement authorities with a significant adverse impact on the exercise of human rights, deepening the climate of fear and repression across the country...


WTO: A missed opportunity to put people before patents

The failure of states to agree on a waiver of certain key international trade rules risks hampering global efforts to tackle COVID-19, Amnesty International said today. Last night, members of the World Trade Organisation failed to agree on a landmark proposal made by India, South Africa, Kenya and Eswatini to temporarily waive certain provisions of the TRIPS Agreement – a global treaty governing intellectual property rights – relating to COVID-19 medical technologies...

Screenshot_2020-10-21 Russia Parole hearing must be used to release young prisoner of conscience

Russia: Parole hearing must be used to release young prisoner of conscience

Ahead of the parole hearing of human rights activist Yan Sidorov, Amnesty International called on Russian authorities to end a gross injustice by immediately and unconditionally releasing him. Yan Sidorov is a prisoner of conscience who was arrested and detained simply for trying to hold a peaceful protest in November 2017 in the city of Rostov-on-Don, in support of dozens of people who had lost their homes in mass fires...