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Rusia 01.06

Russia: Immediately release Open Russia leader detained after being hauled off flight

Reacting to the news that Andrei Pivovarov, Executive Director of the recently disbanded Open Russia, a Russian pro-democracy and human rights movement, was taken off a flight in Saint Petersburg and arbitrarily detained, Natalia Zviagina, Amnesty International’s Moscow Office Director, said: “This is an audacious move by the Kremlin in its continued use of the law on ‘undesirable’ organizations to target and shut down critics...

belarus 26.05

Belarus: Free journalist detained following forced emergency landing in Minsk

Amnesty International is launching an Urgent Action following the televised self-incriminating statement by Raman Pratasevich, co-founder and former editor of the NEXTA Telegram-channel, in which he appears distraught and injured. He was detained in Minsk airport together with his partner Sofia Sapega, after the Belarusian authorities forced their flight from Athens to Vilnius to land, for the apparent sole purpose of his arrest...

Belarus 20.05

Belarus: Blocking leading online media outlet is a brazen attack on freedom of expression

Reacting to the news that TUT. by, one of Belarus’ leading independent online media outlets, was blocked today by the country’s Ministry of Information, Amnesty International’s Senior Campaigner on Belarus, Aisha Jung, said: “This is a cowardly step taken by a government which fears truth and resorts to brutal measures to suppress human rights...